Frequently Asked MyHumana Registration Questions

First Time Registration

Why should I register for MyHumana?

At MyHumana, you can find information to help you understand your plan benefits and explore a variety of topics about medical conditions and treatments.

Some of the things you can do on MyHumana:

  • Look up participating doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities
  • Review your plan benefits
  • See if a claim has been paid and how much of the cost you're responsible for, if any
  • Use health resources to find out about medications, medical procedures, tests, treatments, and conditions
  • Get discounts on over-the-counter medicines, complementary and alternative medicine, and other health and wellness products
  • Set your preferences for how Humana sends communications and sign up for mobile text alerts

What is my member ID?

Your member ID appears on your Humana ID card. Depending on your card, it may be called your Subscriber ID, Sub ID, ID, or ID #. If your member ID includes an "H" at the beginning, be sure to include this as part of your member ID. You don't need to enter the suffix after your member ID.

Why doesn't my Social Security number work to register for MyHumana?

Not all employers collect Social Security number to enroll you in your health benefits. If it doesn't work, try your member ID, found on your Humana member ID card.

Is my information secure?

Before visiting MyHumana for the first time, you need to register. When you register, you'll choose a user ID and password to log in to the site. Your user ID and password protect the privacy of your information. To keep your MyHumana site private and secure, don't share your user ID and password with anyone.

Our site uses 128-bit encryption, the highest standard encryption for Websites, to protect your data as you browse MyHumana.

For more detail, go to our Internet Privacy Statement

What if I don't want my information available on the web?

You can request that your information be "blocked" from our Website. If you block your information from Humana's Websites, you won't be able to access your plan information online and your healthcare providers won't be able to look up your eligibility or submit claims.

If you want your information blocked from our Website, call Customer Service at the number on the back of your Humana ID card.

Can my computer access MyHumana?

MyHumana currently supports the following browsers on Windows Operating Systems:

  • Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8
  • Firefox versions 2 and 3
  • Safari versions 3 and 4

MyHumana doesn't currently support the Macintosh Operating Systems.

Please install a version listed above to ensure compatibility with Humana's Websites.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Please call Customer Service at the number on the back of your Humana ID card.

My Account

After I register, what happens if I forget my user ID or password?

You need your user ID and password to log in to MyHumana. If you don't remember your user ID or password, click the "Forgot User ID/Password?" link on our Website's homepage.

Do I need to register for MyHumana again if I change plans?

If you've already registered for a MyHumana account, your user ID and password will remain in effect. They don't change if you change plans.

What if I want to cancel my access?

In the future, if you want to cancel your access to MyHumana, call the Customer Service number on the back of your Humana ID card.